29 June 2010

WSOM vol. 1 Spotcast

Photo: Rattex represents Cape Town amognts Ben Sharpa and POC on my first spotcast.

I used to do a music specialist show for a good few years in Cape Town. It was a cool thing to do as I had a creative control over the output and my playlists in general. I haven’t done the show in nearly three years anymore, but there was this idea – spotcasts – that I really liked. The term itself was coined by my old degree leader from my Birmingham days, and it basically is a Spotify playlist I have compiled as my show and then I provide the link for you to listen. There are no additional sound production, stingers, station ID’s (there is no station) or jingles. There aren’t even any links. Just the songs one after another. I wish there was some mixing, but there isn’t; still, I am not complaining.

My show specialised on international Hip-Hop from all over the world. There’s some old tracks and some new in the first installment. Different countries, continents and languages are relatively well represented. I think so anyway. Have a listen and if you don’t have Spotify, but could, then do create an account and download the player.

1. Prophets Of Da City – Planet Capetown (Mitchell’s Plain Mix)
2. X Plastaz – Msimu Kwa Msimu
3. Baby J Feat. Various Artists– Midlands Anthem
4. Rattex – Township Storm
5. Hilltop Hoods – The Blue Blooded
6. Passi Feat. Oxmo Puccino – Black December
7. Klashnekoff – Paper Up
8. Promoe, Supreme,Timbuktu & Andreas Greca – Mammas Gata
9. King Kapisi – 2nd Migration
10. Saian Supa Crew – Blow
11. Redrama – Street Music
12. Vafe Jhous Feat. MC Mina Son Las Vueltas De La Vida
13. Rzatz Feat. Ben Sharpa – No Words 
14. Looptroop – Night Train
15. Akala – Find No Enemy

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