19 July 2010

Musical linkage

Photo: I swam here yesterday, but it's unrelated to this post.

I’ve been busy editing a few things and quite frankly I’m feeling very happy about how those things are coming together. One audio piece that has taken longish time, but now things are finally happening. My to-do-list has been on steroids for some time and even here it’s mainly been about music such as my spotcasts and a few links. Perhaps indeed that’s suitable summer content for the blog.

I’m not trying to become a music blogger, but have these:

Wiley gave a lot of music for free. Varying standard of songs, but worth having no doubt. Read all about it and download the Zip Files.

Klashnekoff is one of the UK artists that you cannot ignore. All of his records bring passion and varying degrees of wisdom to the table. The new one – Back to the Sagas – is out so download the Soon Come to know what I mean.

If there will be a better record out this year than Akala’s Doublethink then that’ll be a great record indeed. I’ve been thoroughly impressed and enjoyed the tracks – no skipping. While I am waiting to hear the Yours and My Children remix featuring Lowkey, Sway and Black the Ripper which should be on its way, I’ve been listening to Lowkey’s remix of I Believe – it’s called I Still Believe – which features Akala himself and Black the Ripper. It’s on YouTube so watch it if that way inclined.

There was also a downlaod by Ill-Literate-Skill I got, but the link is dead already - maybe later.



Corporate Nemesis said...

Hey, I've got this link for the Ill Skillz 24hr project (I suppose that is what you were referring to): http://bit.ly/b11WH2

Stay bloggin, peace!

Mikko Kapanen said...

Thanks. I saw this also today, and seem to work. The first link was for the first 10 downloads I guess.

Mikko Kapanen said...

Additionally, now that I've downloaded the new link, a lot improved quality of files and they're MP3's as opposed to the original WMA's which I had to then change. So a lot better link this one.