5 July 2010

Spotcast for the new week.

Nthabi 11
Photo: Nthabi is there on the spotcast towards the end.

Another week, another spotcast. I must say that I don’t necessarily intend to have this as a weekly thing. To make pompous claims such as that would be an online equivalent of buying an exercise bike or a bread maker – you wish you hadn’t. I also haven't decided to attempt to stick to a specific day or time to have these playlists up so they come when they are posted; that's the only rule. But many cool tracks here again. If you’re not up to speed with what this is about then have a look at the introduction post about the matter from last week and if you live in one of the Spotify countries but don’t have an account, you can get one for free from their website.
1. Lowkey – Wake Up (UK)
2. Makiza – Desafíos (Chile)
3. Promoe – Freedom Fighters (Sweden)
4. Tote King – Empezamos (Spain)
5. Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mystery Repeats (Holland)
6. Iam – Stratégie D'un Pion (France)
7. Konfab – kontraversialfabetiks (SA/Lesotho)
8. Blak Twang – Stop n Search (UK)
9. Paleface – Concentrate (Finland)
10. Muph & Plutonic – Walking Tightropes (Australia)
11. Wawesh – Mjanja (Kenya)
12. Nthabi – Hip Hop (SA)
13. Clotaire K – Maqam (Lebanon)
14. Akala – Welcome To Dystopia (UK)

Some of the songs may be a bit rude, but let's face it, if that bothers you you can stop the playlist and hide underneath your bed or something. Thanks for understanding.

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