15 July 2010

Spotcast vol 3.

Nepal 2

I am only getting used to the Spotify service. It being geographically limited to certain countries and all, and I never took it as my task to figure out how to get around it also as the Internet was limited for the past years. So in my first few spotcasts it had so happened that some tracks I had seleceted were actually only available through my own music library on my computer. Well, these things happen; teething problems one could say. This time however I have made sure that you’ll get to access the list as I initially intended. It’s a good one. But then again, I would say that, wouldn’t I.

There are some quite thoughtful and thoughtprovoking lyrics on the playlist (not all of them). It starts easy and then picks up the pace a bit towards the end. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Klashnekoff – The Revolution (will not be televised on Channel U) (UK)
2. Iam – Revoir Un Printemps (France)
3. Metaphysics – Life - Feat. Wasu (Zimbabwe)
4. Control Machete – De Perros Amores (Mexico)
5. Akala – I Don't Need (UK)
6. Smokey – Ghetto Noir (Gambia)
7. King Kapisi – Soundsystem (New Zealand)
8. Asa – Sanat ei tehnyt tätä laulua (Finland)
9. Fattaru – Presentation (Sweden)
10. Baby J & Fallacy – Down Here It's Raining (UK)
11. Driemanskap & Macho– Go And Ask (Hamb'ubuza) (South Africa)
12. Promoe & Timbuktu – Ge oss Sverige tillbaka (Sweden)
13. Intik – Révolution (Algeria)

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