28 August 2010

Watching TV show unfold

Peep Show

To some people this is very obvious thing and others won’t know much what I’m on about, but here goes. If like me, you’re a fan of the great tradition of British comedy and a bit of a Peep Show geek – why by the way it’s considered geekish, I don’t know – you’ll be happy to hear that the good people of the production team have started filming Series 7. a few days ago. It’ll start, I hear, with the birth of Mark and Sophie’s baby, but the reason I am writing is that what you really don’t want to miss – I take a liberty to assume – is the real time Twitter updates, photos from the set and general commentary as things unfold by some of the people involved. I especially enjoy the sneak preview camera phone photos. It’s altogether a bit 2010 way of consuming media. 

So if you have understood what I’ve written here, which, I suppose means that you know the programme do follow some of these people

@RealDMitchell – David Mitchell / Mark Corrigan
@RealRobertWebb – Robert Webb / Jeremy Osbourne
@SamBainTV – Sam Bain / Writer
@JesseArmstrong1 – Jesse Armstrong / Writer
@MattKingTown – Matt King / Super Hans
@IsySuttie – Isy Suttie / Dobster
@CamillaMarie1 – Camilla Marie / Jeremy’s love interest for the series 7.

If none of this made sense – learn and pretend you always knew.

23 August 2010

Vol 6. of the WSOM Spotcasts

Here’s a spotcast for you. Great tracks from all over. Recently I have been finding that Promoe song Kråksången speaking to me quite a bit, but all songs are worth a recommendation. Starting with Lost Generation from Birmingham, and how I used to walk the streets of that particular city with them on my headphones, all the way to Zuluboy’s sort of mellow track from few years ago which he performs together with late Bheki Luthuli. It was always a summer evening track so it’s a decent way to finish this playlist off.

1. Lost Generation – Intro (UK)
2. El Matador – A armes égales (France)
3. Akala – Doin Nuffin (UK)
4. Promoe – Kråksången (Sweden)
5. Articolo 31 – Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Italy)
6. Little Dee feat Big Rem + Black The Ripper – Dear Prime Minister (UK)
7. Intik – Révolution (Algeria)
8. KONFAB & Oracle Flo – Dplanet Beats (South Africa)
9. Fattaru – Hörde Jag Skål (Sweden)
10. Asa – Täydellinen tasuri (Finland)
11. Zuluboy & Bhekumuzi Luthuli – Ntombenhle (South Africa)

If you live in one of the countries where you can access Spotify from, you you don't, you can visit www.spotify.com to fix the situation.

17 August 2010

Simply the least bad based on limited factors considered.

Summer day

Anything that claims something to be the best should be subjected to vigorous scrutiny, if not ridicule. Perhaps it is our need for the narratives of triumph, heroism and victory that makes us, as people, to even want put the nation states into an x-factoresque race against each other, and come up with a discourse like what might be the best country in the world.

But wait, my gosh, forget the 1995 Ice Hockey World Championships – which I am sure you have if you ever knew about it – or 2006 Eurovision victory; Finland is the best country in the world!

These are not my words; a panel of experts has calculated this for the Newsweek Magazine. After the teasers that were the number one in the Press Freedom Index and the yearly victorious survey ranking our education system to be the best in the world – finally it is official – it has been agreed that we win.

Don’t let my cynicism and sarcastic tone to fool you, it’s great really. I rather have these survey results than anything else, but I also think that it is things like these that lull us into thinking that there is hardly room for improvement regardless of the recent and suspicious donations made to some of the top politicians during the previous elections. In any other country we would call it governmental corruption and probably look down on them, but with us, the situation is too complicated to be reduced into one, where the people in power would be called by the C-word… as in corrupt.

I admit, many things are well, and it’s great that it’s acknowledged, but these kinds of news are more useful in the international politics than in the domestic arena. It remains the job of civil society to keep the leadership in check at all times and while we can give credit where credit is due, we must remember that there is still need for improvements with regards to the transparency of our current political climate. This is not time to get big headed.

But – the best – that really means very little realistically. As proud as I am about the things that have gone well and all the successes, and as privileged as I feel to have had my initial education here, if you want to say that we have topped the list, let’s agree in saying that we were the least bad this time based on limited amount of variables. The best is a pop song by Tina Turner, a personal value judgement or part of playground discourse.

13 August 2010

May I recommend.

<a href="http://pioneerunit.bandcamp.com/track/ewe-nje">Ewe Nje by Pioneer Unit Records</a>

This is not an advert - this is a recommendation. The new Rattex EP Streets, Raps & Us is out very soon as a CD, but if like me, you're not in Cape Town or even in South Africa, getting it isn't necessarily going to be easy. As a CD. On digital format it's pretty straight forward as it already is uploaded to Pioneer Unit Bandcamp site. Have a look, listen and purchase if that's the way it sounds. 

For me the tracks I like the most are Ewe Nje, which is an anthem, no doubt, Let's Move (both original and the Filewile Remix) and Kuse Khaltsa La with Brazuka. Of course the free download from some time ago, Ndiselapha, still sounds big with its bashment fog horns and all of that. For some time it was my whole family's driving anthem. All around good package, nice design etc - the usual PU service really. If you haven't yet, go and read my article, interview and experience with Rattex himself. It covers amongst other things the recording of this EP.

12 August 2010

E-book is online.

Thinking and Doing: content based audio

I’ve been working very hard. I always say this but it’s not always true. Now it is though. Earlier I wrapped my audio documentary mini series There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road and now it’s my e-book on content based audio. It’s aimed at university students specialising on radio. The same lot I’ve been teaching in Cape Town.

It is very specifically inspired by one class who I was teaching this type of things to. When I gave some feedback on their packages – a few minute long audio features – they were very sincerely interested to improve and I thought I might write a blog post about this stuff. Well, I kind of did. It’s this blog post where I post the e-book that was result of this all.

The process has been longish; I’ve gone through many things while at it, occasionally hitting the dry spell, but nonetheless, the thing is done and it’s here now. Thinking and Doing: content based audio by Mikko Kapanen – it’s me, innit.

Thinking and Doing: content based audio - Mikko Kapanen 

Download from Google Documents

Spotcast vol 5.

After a few week break I thought I might do another spotcast. For the ones who cannot connect to Spotify, and also the ones who can, I’ll post also a link to that Ill-Skillz 24hour album project which is free download, but also, and I’d say more importantly, the new single from the mighty Public Enemy is a free download from their SlamJamz.com. The track is called Say It Like It Really Is. It’s Chuck D’s 50 birthday song. It’s grown up rap music which is a nice change. Also the lyrics say “… and I just got back from Soweto…” and here he’s speaking about the same South African trip where I had the honour to meet him. Had to crowbar that into this somehow.

Other music related notes for which I have no links are that Klashnekoff’s Back to Sagas record is great and so is the Rattex EP Streets, Raps & Us which I was lucky enough to receive in advance. It was because I wrote something about it back then when he was in the studio.


1. Looptroop – Interlude (Sweden)
2. Looptroop – A Modern Day City Symphony (Sweden)
3. Passi – Les Flammes Du Mal (France)
4. Akala – Carried Away (UK)
5. Ken & Petter – Min Tid (Sweden)
6. Rzatz Feat. Ben Sharpa No Words (France & South Africa)
7. O Rappa – Minha Alma (Brazil)
8. Klashnekoff – Paper Up (UK)
9. Terror MC – Liberate Yourself (South Africa)
10. Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mystery Repeats (Holland)
11. Redrama – Vad Jag Vill (Finland) 

7 August 2010

Audio documentary mini-series now online.

There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road

I finished these things a few days ago, and today I have been printing and packaging covers and stickers for the final artifacts as well. Have a listen to my mini series and feel free to participate in the conversation. 

There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road (2010)

Part 1: Woman by mikmikko

Part 2: Man by mikmikko

An audio documentary mini-series on lives of South African individuals who find themselves doing what they can to survive. Nancy (part 1) is a sex worker who found herself in the job as her health didn't allow the employment on other fields, and Vusi (part 2) wakes up every morning to go and sit by the side of the road in hope of a job for a day or longer. These documentaries are produced by Mikko Kapanen.
All audio can be downloaded from the small arrow pointing downwards in the side of each player. I have also added a new page to this blog for the audio in general.