12 August 2010

E-book is online.

Thinking and Doing: content based audio

I’ve been working very hard. I always say this but it’s not always true. Now it is though. Earlier I wrapped my audio documentary mini series There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road and now it’s my e-book on content based audio. It’s aimed at university students specialising on radio. The same lot I’ve been teaching in Cape Town.

It is very specifically inspired by one class who I was teaching this type of things to. When I gave some feedback on their packages – a few minute long audio features – they were very sincerely interested to improve and I thought I might write a blog post about this stuff. Well, I kind of did. It’s this blog post where I post the e-book that was result of this all.

The process has been longish; I’ve gone through many things while at it, occasionally hitting the dry spell, but nonetheless, the thing is done and it’s here now. Thinking and Doing: content based audio by Mikko Kapanen – it’s me, innit.

Thinking and Doing: content based audio - Mikko Kapanen 

Download from Google Documents

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