7 August 2010

Audio documentary mini-series now online.

There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road

I finished these things a few days ago, and today I have been printing and packaging covers and stickers for the final artifacts as well. Have a listen to my mini series and feel free to participate in the conversation. 

There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road (2010)

Part 1: Woman by mikmikko

Part 2: Man by mikmikko

An audio documentary mini-series on lives of South African individuals who find themselves doing what they can to survive. Nancy (part 1) is a sex worker who found herself in the job as her health didn't allow the employment on other fields, and Vusi (part 2) wakes up every morning to go and sit by the side of the road in hope of a job for a day or longer. These documentaries are produced by Mikko Kapanen.
All audio can be downloaded from the small arrow pointing downwards in the side of each player. I have also added a new page to this blog for the audio in general.

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