13 August 2010

May I recommend.

<a href="http://pioneerunit.bandcamp.com/track/ewe-nje">Ewe Nje by Pioneer Unit Records</a>

This is not an advert - this is a recommendation. The new Rattex EP Streets, Raps & Us is out very soon as a CD, but if like me, you're not in Cape Town or even in South Africa, getting it isn't necessarily going to be easy. As a CD. On digital format it's pretty straight forward as it already is uploaded to Pioneer Unit Bandcamp site. Have a look, listen and purchase if that's the way it sounds. 

For me the tracks I like the most are Ewe Nje, which is an anthem, no doubt, Let's Move (both original and the Filewile Remix) and Kuse Khaltsa La with Brazuka. Of course the free download from some time ago, Ndiselapha, still sounds big with its bashment fog horns and all of that. For some time it was my whole family's driving anthem. All around good package, nice design etc - the usual PU service really. If you haven't yet, go and read my article, interview and experience with Rattex himself. It covers amongst other things the recording of this EP.

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