12 August 2010

Spotcast vol 5.

After a few week break I thought I might do another spotcast. For the ones who cannot connect to Spotify, and also the ones who can, I’ll post also a link to that Ill-Skillz 24hour album project which is free download, but also, and I’d say more importantly, the new single from the mighty Public Enemy is a free download from their SlamJamz.com. The track is called Say It Like It Really Is. It’s Chuck D’s 50 birthday song. It’s grown up rap music which is a nice change. Also the lyrics say “… and I just got back from Soweto…” and here he’s speaking about the same South African trip where I had the honour to meet him. Had to crowbar that into this somehow.

Other music related notes for which I have no links are that Klashnekoff’s Back to Sagas record is great and so is the Rattex EP Streets, Raps & Us which I was lucky enough to receive in advance. It was because I wrote something about it back then when he was in the studio.


1. Looptroop – Interlude (Sweden)
2. Looptroop – A Modern Day City Symphony (Sweden)
3. Passi – Les Flammes Du Mal (France)
4. Akala – Carried Away (UK)
5. Ken & Petter – Min Tid (Sweden)
6. Rzatz Feat. Ben Sharpa No Words (France & South Africa)
7. O Rappa – Minha Alma (Brazil)
8. Klashnekoff – Paper Up (UK)
9. Terror MC – Liberate Yourself (South Africa)
10. Pete Philly & Perquisite – Mystery Repeats (Holland)
11. Redrama – Vad Jag Vill (Finland) 

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