23 August 2010

Vol 6. of the WSOM Spotcasts

Here’s a spotcast for you. Great tracks from all over. Recently I have been finding that Promoe song Kråksången speaking to me quite a bit, but all songs are worth a recommendation. Starting with Lost Generation from Birmingham, and how I used to walk the streets of that particular city with them on my headphones, all the way to Zuluboy’s sort of mellow track from few years ago which he performs together with late Bheki Luthuli. It was always a summer evening track so it’s a decent way to finish this playlist off.

1. Lost Generation – Intro (UK)
2. El Matador – A armes égales (France)
3. Akala – Doin Nuffin (UK)
4. Promoe – Kråksången (Sweden)
5. Articolo 31 – Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Italy)
6. Little Dee feat Big Rem + Black The Ripper – Dear Prime Minister (UK)
7. Intik – Révolution (Algeria)
8. KONFAB & Oracle Flo – Dplanet Beats (South Africa)
9. Fattaru – Hörde Jag Skål (Sweden)
10. Asa – Täydellinen tasuri (Finland)
11. Zuluboy & Bhekumuzi Luthuli – Ntombenhle (South Africa)

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