28 August 2010

Watching TV show unfold

Peep Show

To some people this is very obvious thing and others won’t know much what I’m on about, but here goes. If like me, you’re a fan of the great tradition of British comedy and a bit of a Peep Show geek – why by the way it’s considered geekish, I don’t know – you’ll be happy to hear that the good people of the production team have started filming Series 7. a few days ago. It’ll start, I hear, with the birth of Mark and Sophie’s baby, but the reason I am writing is that what you really don’t want to miss – I take a liberty to assume – is the real time Twitter updates, photos from the set and general commentary as things unfold by some of the people involved. I especially enjoy the sneak preview camera phone photos. It’s altogether a bit 2010 way of consuming media. 

So if you have understood what I’ve written here, which, I suppose means that you know the programme do follow some of these people

@RealDMitchell – David Mitchell / Mark Corrigan
@RealRobertWebb – Robert Webb / Jeremy Osbourne
@SamBainTV – Sam Bain / Writer
@JesseArmstrong1 – Jesse Armstrong / Writer
@MattKingTown – Matt King / Super Hans
@IsySuttie – Isy Suttie / Dobster
@CamillaMarie1 – Camilla Marie / Jeremy’s love interest for the series 7.

If none of this made sense – learn and pretend you always knew.

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