13 September 2010

New Season

Last sunflower of summer

Photo: The last sunflower of the summer.

A few quiet weeks on the blog front hardly means that it is the permanent reality. Not at all, I have been working with some content in Finnish which has been unusual, but fun because it’s so much easier – can you believe it – I actually have a language with which I’m not even considered to have a weird accent or anything of the sort.

On top of that I have also addressed the matters of accommodation and very soon it is time to move to our own place after a temporary arrangement we were lucky to have when we moved here. Our new home is a very nice flat in Helsinki and I am very excited to be moving there towards the end of the month.

A new season has brought welcome changes, but what a summer it was. A very hot one, and that was on top of the fact that I had already had a hot summer this year in South Africa. I guess this is the other side of the coin from the years 2006 to 2007 when I had three winters in a row. That was one of those never again experiences. But I like autumn. We think that spring is nice; the last month of it is, and the rest is just terrible, but to me, autumn is the kind of season that I can wear comfortable amount of clothes and feel comfortable in them. So I am feeling pretty good about that and in general.

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Anonymous said...

MIKKO!!!! I've been trying to contact you for ages! You just upped and disappeared from every means of easy communication. How are you old friend?! Hope all is well, glad I managed to remember your blog address.
Right, great to know you're still alive and well.

Email me from time to time if you're gonna stay off Facebook.

Miss you, greetings to your beautiful wife and son.

Take care of you.xx