29 October 2010

Like Spotcast, but in Youtube

I have previously done a handful of Spotify playlists to be listened to as a type of an  on demand radio music specialist show. It really is such a nice idea regardless of how popular they actually might be (I don’t know if they are or aren’t), but the problem is that for now, Spotify is a somewhat limited service and most people who can even access internet can’t access it so I wanted to do a Youtube playlist in a similar way. I know that this is an investments to the ones with limited bandwidth who already pay ridiculous prices for the little they have, but nothing ever will be perfect. Let’s make peace with that. Some great tracks with cool videos. Have a listen – and look, of course.

1. MistaChuck (aka Chuck D) - Tear Down That Wall (USA)
2. Lowkey - Terrorist? (UK)
3. Driemanskap - Snakes and Fakes (SA)
4. Klashnekoff - My Life (UK)
5. Passi Featuring Akhenaton - Le Monde Est A Moi (France)
6. Akala - Yours and My Children (UK)
7. Ben Sharpa - Check The Evidence (SA)
8. Looptroop - Long Arm Of the Law (Sweden)
9. Hilltop Hoods - Fifty in Five (Australia)
10. Sway - Nelson Lives (UK – Ghana)

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