31 October 2010


Underneath the spaghetti Junction

There is much music in the world to move me. That’s what it does – it moves you. Well, at least it moves me. Some songs on the headphones give me the boost of the strongest coffee without the feeling of nausea and psych me like a personal trainer on my shoulder. Others make relaxing easy and then there’s uplifting, calming, thoughtful, hopeful and just, you know, general music that doesn’t move me on any other emotional level expect the appreciation of the aesthetic.

Here’s a few samples of these – the links for free, legal tracks are provided by the artists or labels.

I support independent South African street music, as much as I have means to, financially, politically, intellectually and emotionally. If that makes much sense. I have a soft spot for it, but just because occasionally it may appear that I am uncritical shouldn’t be confused with not being very critical; only that here in the blog I have a habit of sharing and recommending music I love and want to – bad tracks generally don’t get reviewed or even mentioned much. I especially like to give all my support to the Cape Town music as the Gauteng-centric media and entertainment industry (is there even any difference between the two) is blatantly ignoring it.

Having said that – whatever the situation would be I have liked many of these Cape Town artists for a good few years. One of them is a crew called Driemanskap. You should know them by now. And now that the Drie has become four members they’ve become all the more potent.

Here’s an old unreleased track, Sendibuyile, mainly by the long unavailable Redondo who has been back for some time now. Dplanet from the label mentioned that the audio quality is not top notch, but it’d have to be pretty bad for me not to like this and to be fair he continued, and I quote directly, “it's still a banger.”

Another recommendation for today is the new mixtape by Sway who has been doing very big things in the UK and worldwide for years now. Actually, any independent artist should learn from his experiences and figure what use they could be in any given context one might exist in. Download the The Delivery 2 (Lost in Transit) and while I can’t say much about the whole thing, I would lie if I said I am not moved by him paying respect to Tat’uMandela in this track that is part of the download – I’m still stuck in that.

One day international artists will reach out to some true SA talent to do this thing together. Wouldn’t a remix combining the talent linked here today be something else.

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