8 December 2010

A bit about me


Here's a link to an article that is based on an interview I gave to Core Wreckah of the Nemesis Inc. or Ts’eliso Monaheng as he is known in the government database, and the writing I did about Rattex earlier this year. It's a nice write up so thanks very much.

I must say that I am pretty proud of my piece Labour of love and hard entertainment and think there's a few noteworthy points made there so why not embed it here again for good measure. 

To me it was a highlight of a very productive year (two e-books, audio documentary series and the the stuff I actually do) and I am very glad it has reached over thousand reads in Scribd. To be honest with you I don't know what constitutes a read in that service, but regardless it is pretty good going especially as it had a few hundred before I changed the file after fixing a few typos. 
RATTEX: Labour of love & hard entertainment

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