25 December 2010

A few memories

Cape Town

Train to town

This year has been pretty productive year regardless of what anyone says. The results aren't always so clear cut and many times they aren't really the only objective to do anything anyway. I have certainly been writing and reading more this year than ever before. I consider this year to have been a good one for my blog as well. I am very proud of how it has become – it has been five and half years in the making and think what you want, but five years ago there were nowhere near as many blogs as there are these days.

Perhaps 2010 wasn't the year I peaked with my photographs. Not that I am not happy with a handful of them – I very much am – but it wasn't the photos of this year that ended up on our wall this week when we framed several new ones. These two black and white images did and they are there to remind us of the life we had Cape Town. The one that came to its end earlier this year.  

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