31 December 2010

For the better next one

Sunset and me.
This photo was taken this year although it feels like lifetime ago.

One of the songs that most played on my mp3 player and computer this year starts with lyrics ”f*** for this year, let's soldier it out.” I have felt a bit like that – varying degrees depending on days – but today, finally, there's very little soldiering left.

A new year is of course mainly symbolic landmark. I am still me; the same person with the same mind and body, but somehow any change, even only symbolic is a start of something new, which feels like it it might have infinite opportunities. Not necessarily, but potentially. Not every day holds that sense as strongly as the new years eve.

I am very happy with most of the achievements of 2010. I wrote an e-book and finished another one. I produced an audio documentary mini-series which I am immensely proud of. I attempted to combine music industry talk, with human interest story with the style of fictional literature while sticking to facts and wrote an article that came out well in my opinion. I moved a country – actually a continent – with the family and of course did a few other things professionally. Producing news, small documentaries, lectured for university students and finished my masters degree and yet I have this feeling that nowhere near enough things happened. That I underperformed. Well, year is a long time and human mind is potentially the best and worst thing about a person, but the year is done.

Lastly it must be said that my goal for the year was to write more on this blog than what I have in some past years. This is the post number 87 which makes it one more than in 2006 and therefore makes it the most productive – at least quantitatively – here as well.

Have a good 2011 – a year for which I make no resolutions, but only a plan to have less stress and more joy. To be a bit better father and husband, a person and professional. Sounds naive, I know, but what else is there.

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