7 December 2010

Pay attention


I don’t usually do this is what one usually says when one does things they usually do. Be it a question of overindulging with the old drink, convincing a relative stranger to undress or buying a gossip magazine. Things like that.

But I actually don’t usually do this

I don’t usually post things I didn’t scribble and photos I didn’t capture. But since this matter is very close to my heart I’d like to extensively quote Damian ‘Dplanet’ Stephens from Pioneer Unit paraphrasing Chuck D's message. Damian was one participant at the Public Enemy workshop yesterday in Cape Town. These workshops are part of the tour the crew is currently on. These are the new ten commandments - manifesto if you will – for the South African, and African, independent music scene. Or ‘10 Gems’ as he calls them.

01. Don’t be an ‘Afrimerican’ – don’t copy the US. Be proudly African

02. SA needs an infrastructure that supports local hip hop (DJs / radio / media / blogs)

03. Don’t let corporations (like MTV or Metro FM) dictate your musical / cultural agenda

04. Be accountable for the music you make – words are powerful and have consequences

05. Africa can be a global hip hop powerhouse if it chooses to be. Believe!

06. Embrace indigenous languages – that’s what makes us unique in the world

07. Focus on your live performance – your live show must kick your video’s ass

08. Groups or movements are more powerful than a single person. Be a team. Up your game!

09. Build strong networks in SA, and throughout Africa. Connect the continent

10. Confront difficult issues of race and inequality in South Africa – these are stories people need to hear

Original post from the Pioneer Unit site

Damian interviewed during the recording of Rattex EP Steets, Raps and Us.

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