12 January 2011

Best things in life are free.

Best things in life are free. Like free music. Perhaps all in all, when you look at the life as it is, the free music doesn't quite make it to the top five, but great music is always, well, great. 2011 has really started strongly on this department. A few days in and there are some serious downloads. Have these.

This is a nice one. It's been on my mp3 player the whole day today. She was always cool, but still this one is an improvement. I guess I could call it growing. It happens to all of us, only some resist. She clearly didn't and let me stress, this is not to disrespect anything she's previously done, but to say, this is a very strong one. A nice small documentary is also available on YouTube.

This is a whole album. Great flows and guests and the beats are on point – soulful yet somehow a bit different from the types of beats they are a bit like. Much of the production is by Loudmouth Melvin and I hope you already have downloaded his EP series from last year.

For the first time Mystro did his annual summary of the UK street interests in 2009. I really liked that, but then again, I like Mystro. This one is for the barely over and done with 2010. His new website has also mixtapes and such which are worth your while. 

So there. I almost feel like saying "Brapp!", but I choose against it; don't want to come across unstable in the eyes of my four year old watching kids TV next to me.

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