18 January 2011

More music - it's good for you.

Not such a good place to leave your bike

There are periods when I'm merely a music blogger. That's alright; I respect music bloggers if they blog good music. Here are a few links again.

Pyro Barz and Loudmouth Melvin have got a free online release out called Freestyle Sessions which is well worth your bandwidth. Truesight guys from South Africa are making moves and I have previously linked you some of Hishaam's music. He's cool, but there's more to the movement. South African semi-old schooler Jbux who has been doing these things for long and really well as well has a free track to be downloaded and lastly, and wait for this one, it's as if the universe asked me, who are your favourite UK artists and would it be okay if we put them on one hard political track? In this imaginary scenario I would have been nodding in agreement so hard that my neck displaced. It's Swizz (So Solid) remix for Bad Boys with no less than Akala, Lowkey, Klashnekoff, Blak Twang and Black the Ripper. What can I say? Have these.

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