3 February 2011


Don't Africa Me

I have been blogging here for five and half years. My approach was always, and still is, that this place is my media experiment. It’s a place where I have tried many things, some of them worked and others perhaps didn’t, but it’s all about finding out. It’s a laboratory and when I was a media lecturer I never failed to promote the idea to my students – it’d be silly not to practice somewhere.

I never thought that this blog would make me any money. I have been sort of right in that; it hasn’t directly made me any money, but it has been a positive factor when getting jobs that then have. I have received plenty of free digital music – no physical copies if I remember correctly, but that’s not a bad thing - but this week I got my first freebies in their physical form. 

I had written earlier about some stuff I feel rather passionate about and mentioned a book that I hadn’t yet read then. I still haven’t, yet, but the author of that book Don’t Africa Me C. Paschal Eze contacted me after seeing the post and sent that book to me together with another one he’s written. I am only starting so surely more of it later, but I just thought I’d mention. Nice one.

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