7 February 2011

It does sound a bit like the spring.

I like to recommend music. It’s because I like music. It means a lot to me. Not all of it, but some. And to some extent, I am almost definitely sure, nearly everyone likes some music at least a bit; a very few would categorically hate all of it. And then perhaps many hate none of it. I suspect music can make you feel sick in your stomach directly in relation to how much enjoyment it can give. If your all-time favourite song is, you know, nice, then the worst rubbish that ever assaulted your ears was probably only not so nice. I may be an extremist; music to me, at best, is a religious experience and at worst a bit worse than what the bonuses the bankers paid to themselves during the recession were.

I am not advertising any music, but of course I like to support some. In case you would have a similar taste in music to mine.

Core Wreckah of the Nemesis Inc. has been recommended by me before. His Ngoan’a Nts’oana has been playlisted on my mp3 player ever since it was uploaded online and its dark sounds have given me a certain determination to my steps on these cold northern city streets when the sun has been mainly hiding. Now that the days even in the north are getting a little longer it is quite appropriate for that song to be replaced by a new one. Core, who originates from Maseru, Lesotho, but resides in Cape Town has a new track called Yesterday and it is a nice mixture of his ever so intimidating Sesotho delivery, soothing soulful beats of San the Instru-monutmentalist and Sunday afternoon singing by Deney. It sounds like a spring to me which isn't very topical in the context in which the song has been produced in and, I know, is still only on its way around here in Helsinki. Perhaps it is only present in my mind, but that shall suffice. To me.

Have a listen.

00 - Core Wreckah (with Deney) - Yesterday [nemesininc.blogspot.com] by biz-ark-human

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