9 February 2011


I have been dabbling with open source desktop DJ software called Mixxx. It’s pretty okay. Actually, I am sure it’s great and it’s me who is the cause of not all things working as well as I’d hope, but then again, nothing ever really works as well in the real world as it does in my head. 

Here’s a mix of tracks that have been playing on my playlist recently together with a few other songs I just really like.

1.Sign-In by Radio Freedom 

2.Serious by Tor Cesay from the free mixtape Different Place.
3. Hegemony by Ben Sharpa from the brilliant B. Sharpa album available here. This track doesn’t age.
4. Bad Boys Remix 1. by Swizz, Akala, Blak Twang, Klashnekoff, AKS, Lowkey and Black the Ripper. The track is available here.
5. Jungle Remix by Professor Green, Klashnekoff, Malik MD7 and Wretch 32 is to be downloaded online from this link.
6. Yesterday by Core Wreckah and Deney was linked here recently and it’s on Soundcloud.
7. Kråksongen by Promoe, which I find particularly moving.
8. Fifty In Five by Hilltop Hoods which is pretty much my favourite Australian song ever made.

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