19 February 2011

More music mixed

To mark the occasion of cool article on South African Hip-Hop in the Guardian I decided to upload an exclusively Southern African mix online. And by Southern African I mean mainly South African; only the first song is from Lesotho. So perhaps more appropriate way would be to say South African with one bonus track so that the rappers of other countries wouldn't feel sidelined. I had made this earlier while practicing the mixing software and already decided not to use it because my mixing isn’t all that, but perhaps I am too self-conscious about it. I have never promoted myself as a DJ anyway. So I don’t care. I could’ve easily included many more songs, but the mix this time is under half an hour showcasing music I have enjoyed. A lot. I recommend all these songs and actually, originally they were all supposed to be on a kind of free sampler of South African music, but a few songs in the end didn't come through, life happened, momentum passed and I regret never getting it online. But to not waste the opportunity completely here is some of that goodness.

Have a listen.

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