14 February 2011

North Africa Stand Up!

Ship wreck

Approximately twenty minutes into the celebrations of the Egyptian revolution which we waited for two and half weeks to happen – as opposed to the long decades for the locals – we started questioning the intentions of the military. Sounds like textbook stuff. Not because I’d have an opinion of the accuracy of these suspicions, but merely because that’s exactly the kind of people we people are; especially us from the so called global north (formerly known as the west).

And in case the military is playing discreet power games it’s nothing new; the continent of Africa has seen all snake-like actions by her colonisers throughout the centuries. But it all got me wondering how hard it must have been for the pre-twenty-four-hour news network revolutions when there has been no global public condemnation even in theory or cameras following all the events every moment and from many angles. It got me to, even more than I already did, respect the regional and national struggles for African liberations. The enormity of it all was put in perspective yet again. 

I saw this North African mixtape earlier online and now that I’ve been listening to it, I rather warmly recommend it. I used to listen to this kind of music a lot. Recently I have been stuck with SA/UK scenes, which isn’t really a problem, but this is a very nice mixtape to add into the mix. Do download it.

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