25 February 2011


That beach

I rarely say this, but I am actually pretty happy with life. It’s improved a lot really since we moved from South Africa to Finland. South Africa is a beutiful but scarred young country, and as much as I love it, and consider it as my second home country, it wasn’t really working out for us in many ways; it brought about a lot of frustration and that generally is not what good things tend to come from. There are still some things that aren’t quite finalised from that period and whenever I need to address them, like even now, I should write an angry email to my old university to send me some documents that they owe me, I tap onto the overwhelming hostility that is never far, in my experience of Cape Town.

But my Cape Town has many great memories also. This is not the only one, but there is this one beach. It’s not actually even in Cape Town as such, but near Kommetjie on the way, and very close to, the Cape Point. This massive beach has a few visitors ever. It’s not really for swimming and mainly popular with surfers, but not that much even with them. The sand dunes start from nowhere and last for a good while and running there, regardless of the season, makes you forget everything that is taking place in town perhaps fifty kilometers away. Our family used to go to this beach almost weekly. We took all of our visitors there. We had picnics there, played football, ran, built sandcastles and just relaxed. This place was always good to us. Here are a few photos I came across in my own Flickr site so I add them here as well.


Family day out in Cape Peninsula

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