3 February 2011

Trust issues

I have never felt quite comfortable with calling myself a journalist. I definitely haven't always been a journalist, but some work I have done could have easily been lumped into this rather broad category. Actually the category is so broad that it could include almost any kind of foolishness which means that at the same time it doesn't mean necessarily all that very much. 

Some journalism is great, but so much is also troublesome that it makes you rethink the bigger picture; is it generally a good or bad thing? A bit like police force or Hip-Hop.

But of course it would be futile for us to try to decide which is the case with any of these examples; probably nothing is simply either as everything tends to be more complex. 

Nonetheless here are a few examples of why I am in no hurry to shout over the rooftops that this is indeed what I do. Because this is not what I do.


South Africa?

Obviously I don't own any rights for these images, but I doubt me using them is the biggest wrong here no matter how you spin it.

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