21 March 2011


Listening to Focus Mode, the old mixtape from one of my favourite rappers Klashnekoff I can’t help but note that I am really looking forward to his new mixtape that should be out soon. In Twitter he has mentioned that the name of the release might be Brand New Day, just like the song he recently leaked and which I assume we can find from the upcoming mixtape. While I am not absolutely sure that it will be free online release – well, I obviosuly can’t make that promise on his behalf – I assume it might. I base the assumption on the fact that it’ll be by DJ Whoo Kid and the mixtape he did with Giggs was. I wasn’t much feeling the Giggs one though, it’s simply not my kind of music, but purely looking at my music library statistics there has been few, if any artists that I have listened to as much in recent years as I have Klashnekoff. His raw road man attitude is combined with focused raps on varying topics. Of course there’s always some lighter songs in the mix, but what he does best, are the autobiographical reflections and stories of his life as a person and as an artists in the industry, but outside of its traditional structures and the permanent business as writer Nelson George describes the unmovable class of music industry people who are seemingly untouched by the changes of trends.

While I am looking forward to what I dare to expect to be my soundtrack for the spring 2011, I am also looking forward to another thing; a video. Nearly a year ago another UK artist, Akala released an album, DoubleThink, and it was on my top two of 2010 together with Klashnekoff’s previous album. Akala is a complex yet simple; he is a poet, historian and social scientist in one man and then he makes some pretty upbeat ‘let’s do this thing’ type of tracks. But the next single and video by him is for song Find No Enemy and that song is the most heartfelt deepest one I might have ever heard. It is Akala at his best in many ways, although I have always enjoyed all of his diverse influences. While waiting for the video which is done by brilliant GlobalFaction and that Klashnekoff mixtape here’s a live version of the Find No Enemy just to get us ready for the music video. I am sure both links will be here as soon as they are online, so it’s not the worst place to look for them. 

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