14 March 2011

Set reading

Lyrics of a rap revolutionary

Postman brought me a new book today. Between me and my wife we order a few books and they are all, obviously in our opinion at least very cool and interesting, but today a special one came through. Lyrics of a Rap Revolutionary by Chuck D, edited by Yusuf Jah (who co-wrote Chuck's first book) and this time the foreword is by KRS-1. So there. Pretty cool. 

I am currently reading, or rather actually re-reading which I have done a lot recently, Nelson George's Hip Hop America and after that and then this new one I think I have, for now, covered the broad subject of Hip Hop subculture to my satisfaction and move on to something else. It's been fun though and this new one looks like it might be very interesting for a big fan that I am.

Lyrics of a rap revolutionary

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