9 March 2011

Swedish Hip-Hop

Looptroop Rockers

It's early days; I can’t lie and say I have any detailed observations of the new Looptroop Rockers album Professional Dreamers. I only got it today as it was released, but it does sound very good. Very very good. This is an album I have been waiting for long. Looptroop has always managed to express things I felt needed expressing and I really relate to them although we are not from the same country. They’re of course Swedish. It’s not popular in Finland to like all things Swedish, but I quite do. Not all, but you know, many. Swedish rap is one of them. I’m hardly on the top of things as far as it goes at the moment; ten years ago when I stayed in Rinkeby, Stockholm I was far more in tuned with things, but my interest started even earlier than that. My first real purchase was Petter’s Vinden Har Vänt single, then the album Min Sjätte Sinne and from that I graduated into Ken Ring’s Vägen Tillbaka which I still consider a classic album with many great songs like Eld och Djupa Vatten. Truth to be told, the first Petter album was pretty good as well. After that he got a little more jiggy as did most of the rap world, but soon after these releases, Looptroop brought a little different vibe into the mix. Non-Stockholm group was rapping in English and when I first saw Long Arm of the Law my view of Scandinavia changed forever.

There really are many artists, old and new, that I am not mentioning here, who have made cool songs and even great records. The Latin Kings, Mobbade Barn, Fattaru and so on, but one artist that has collaborated with both ends of the spectrum that the above mentioned form, is Timbuktu. He is one of the lyricists who shine in two languages equally. No small feat that. I first heard of him on a Petter collaboration Rulla Med Oss, then I found Pendelparanoia; Gott Folk came down the line and, yeah, many many great tunes as solo artist and as someone blessing choruses and guest verses both in English and in Swedish; rapping and singing. Now also a radio presenter, Timbuktu is soon releasing a new Swedish solo album and the first taster is online. The track Dansa, made in collaboration with pianist Jan Lundgren and Duo Pannacotta, is beautiful and the video is a work of art. This is good stuff. These artists take me to the past and future all at the same time.

Download Dansa for free from Timbuktu's home page. For non-Swedish speakers the file is where it says Ladda ner MP3 här.

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