1 April 2011

Find No Enemy

Here's a brand new video from the great poet and artist Akala. Song is called Find No Enemy and it redefines self-reflection in music. Song is from the album DoubleThink which has been out for a good long while so I have been familiar with the song  for a closer to year, really enjoying it, and this being one of the great tracks from the album although the standard generally is very high. Video is directed by GlobalFaction which has already done several UK videos with substance. They seem to have an amazing sensibility to visually communicate the mood of the song and always add something into the mix.

Now when the Klashnekoff mixtape comes out, I don't know what to look forward  to anymore, but I know there will always be something. Many things actually, but now I just take a moment to take in all this information and emotion of this video and song. One thing at the time.

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