18 April 2011

First evening in Amman


A few weeks ago my boss rang me from Budapest to ask if I could fill in for him in the Euro Arab Youth Music Forum in Amman, Jordan, and after consulting with the family, I said sure. I am very lucky to have both cool boss and family and after a few hiccups such as expired passport and some misinformation, here I am now and having travelled the whole day, I am incredibly joyous to be here. The actual work starts only tomorrow after four so I am having free morning and after corresponding with @FADiAKADER who is based here for now, I’ve decided to go and spend it downtown or the Balad as it also is called.It is a hectic place full of colours, small shops and such. I was there today with Nicolas who is a Swedish guy also participating here, and we had the best Falafel, Humus, Pita, Salad dinner in a place called Hasheem. It came highly recommended and for a good reason. The place itself is hardly fancy – more like concrete alley with plastic garden furniture, but the food was really really good. I am a big fan of both Humus and Falafel and I gather that this is how they’re supposed to taste like.

Falafel like it should be in Amman

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