10 April 2011

List of reading


I’ve been reading a few things recently. I have been trying to take a bit of time to focus on one topic or broader group of ideas that are based around some specific thing. And that specific thing has recently been the culture – or rather the subculture – of Hip-Hop. It is evident if you scroll down and see what I have been writing about, but now, with an exception of one journal article that I need to read a few times to perhaps say something about it, it is time to move on.

And I have. I am currently reading a really important book called Don’t Africa Me by C. Paschal Eze. The book explores the geo-branding war the west – or the north is waging against the continent of Africa. It’s powerful stuff and I also hope to write a little bit more about it here when I am ready. I recently read a blog post about another one about an academic paper (full PDF) on how various international aid organisations play a role in this PR war that Eze also talks about. The next book will be Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid which I have browsed through earlier somewhat selectively, but now I intend to give it a bit more time.

Other books that are waiting to be read are The Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon, Rights of Man by Thomas Paine and yes – I admit, I’ve never read it in its entity – Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman. These are all waiting in the bookshelf. Also on the bookshelf is another book I have managed to miss thus far; The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, but I’ll save that for when I can get the Professor Marable’s new book so I can read them one after another. Then there are a few things in the post. Some Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Cornel West which I am looking forward to read but which my wife is really looking forward to read.

Besides just book talk, here’s a link I really recommend: Marshall MacLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage audio to be downloaded as MP3 files. It’s quite funny; a kind of a guess of how the future may sound by someone who in many other regards was ahead of his time.That is how it sounds - the content is... well, it's MacLuhan.

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