30 April 2011

Looptroop Rockers Live in Helsinki

Looptroop on tour

Looptroop live in Helsinki
Photo: Not a great image quality as I used mobile phone camera, but the gig was great.

I have had a few things that I wanted to get online this week and one of them was the last weekend’s Looptroop Rockers gig in Helsinki. I have been a fan of these guys for years – I have practically spent my whole twenties with them as my soundtrack. Sometimes on very tight rotation and other times just making an occasional entry to the playlists of the times, but always present on some level. There has always, however, been one thing missing. I had never seen them live before last Saturday.

Dressed in red the group did a good selection of new and many old tracks as well. Many of the older songs were not performed in their entirety, but as fast moving segues from a bit of one to more of another.

I was witnessing the gig with my wife and we were quite happy to find a nice spot on a sort of balcony from where we had great view to the stage and since the venue wasn’t massive – although not tiny either – we saw the stage really well and the energy filled the whole space anyway. Great gig. I was happy. I was also happy to shake hands with Promoe who signed his latest solo record which I had bought earlier.

Signed KrÄksangen

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