4 April 2011

Professor Manning Marable

Professor Manning Marable has died. Now, I would lie if I said that for years I’ve been a fan; I only really learned about him very recently, but his work is impressive. Professor Marable was one of the leading academics and historian in the field of African American studies. The tragedy - besides the general tragedy - is that while he passed away last Friday, today, on Monday his new Malcolm X biography has been published. The book, called Malcolm X: The Life of Reinvention, is said to be redefining work putting the original autobiography which was written by Alex Hayley together with Malcolm X himself into a new context. Me and my wife got that original book last Friday during our leisurely bargain book hunt. I have been meaning to get into this topic for some time; a lot that I have read recently has been pointing to his direction, but as soon as we got the book, which I haven’t yet started, the new one is out which I should also get. No doubt I first read the first one and then the other. There’s a lot of great material out there about Professor Marable, but I thought I’d embed the video from Democracy Now! which has a lot more information. The broadcast is in two parts and the second continues from where the first leaves us.

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