5 May 2011

Major linkage

Photo: this is just an old photo from 2006, I think, that I came across today. It's got nothing to do with the post itself. Just so you know. Although perhaps I could say the music is soothing like the image - only the music for the most part isn't soothing. But read on.

This year – 2011 – has been somewhat insane with music. There’s been so much of it and obviously I only mean music that meets my pompously high aesthetic requirements. The problem, albeit very privileged one, has been the quantity – it has simply been too much to give all the attention it deserves. And the thing that I’d find the most difficult to explain to the teenage me should there ever be a time machine available, is that for the most part, this music is free.I am not saying that every song from every link is amazing, but that there's a lot of good stuff here and I haven't even had time to listen to it all.

Past week or so has seen a few new mixtapes and here’s some links:

And then there’s been a new song by a friend of WSOM, Core Wreckah and recently one of my internet peoples, poet and ex-rapper (I sometimes try to push him to rap more as he’s very good at it) Xeno aka iPithom had gathered all the recent free online EP’s, Albums and Mixtapes by Quaranteam which consists of some great UK artists and I must say that while I have recommended most of these in separate posts, it is pretty good to have them in one place conveniently so as said, for the following list, besides all the contributing artists, thanks to him as well.

Skillit: As Seen On TV? ~ http://tinyurl.com/6ybew3f @SKILLITMUSIC

Loudmouth Melvin: '1,2,3,4' (5 x E.P.) ~ http://mfi.re/?smg3wsa96c9gw1x @loudmouthmelvin

Mentalist: 'Make You Proud' ~ http://tinyurl.com/6c247wj @Chrismentalist

Pyro Barz: ?Look Who Crept In? ~ http://www.mediafire.com/?eu8uszvio2ug11v @PyroBarz

Pyro Barz: 'Third Degree Burns' ~ http://mfi.re/?ann1ryq4a5u2433 @PyroBarz

K-Nite 13: 'The Drawing Board' ~ http://tinyurl.com/5v2c54d @KNite13

K-Nite 13: 'The Prelude' ~ http://tinyurl.com/5tkrk94 @Knite13

'The Freestyle Sessions' mix cd ~ http://mfi.re/?js3e7n7x2zgle8g @PyroBarz & @loudmouthmelvin

So now the question is, is there time left for anything else anymore.

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