23 May 2011

More music

Recently I have been posting a lot of links and music. Perhaps more than before, but it’s for two reasons really: there have been many great songs, videos and links to share and then I have been busy, and admittedly a bit uninspired to pause, think and write my own posts. But who cares – I am fairly sure I am the only one. 

Klashnekoff is about to release something and there’s been some mixed messages, but I can still only imagine it being that mixtape that has been on its way. Here’s a new song and a new video Stay Alert. Klashnekoff is one of the only artists I’d post a kind of weed smoking song here – I don’t endorse such behavior and I find it incredibly boring just like I have little love for the beer raps, but note that he says he’s alert despite, not because of his habit. The moralist in me has spoken – it's a cool song and I am really looking forward to whatever release is on its way.

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