16 May 2011

Music about racism in South Africa

Another one of the quick musical recommendations here; Three Piece Suit is a band that rapper Core Wreckah, who is often featured here in the blog, heads. Although, I don’t know if he heads the crew, but what we can say for certain is that he is definitely one of its members. This band, as far as I’ve heard, does a kind of organic acoustic sounding music with raps and singing and now there’s a song you can download. The song is called Looking at Me and it’s about the complicated race relations in South Africa. Racism in other words. This is a topic I feel passionately about and in my experience, it is one that cannot be talked about enough. Unfortunately, especially in South Africa, there hasn’t really been much meaningful debate about this topic. Some people might feel it’s all that is being talked about, but it really isn’t. And having to talk about it is a small thing compared to what it was and still continues to be anyway, so don't quite yet call the Amnesty International or seek asylum in Canada.

While the link to download the track is here, you can also have a look at a live performance from UCT (University of Cape Town) which is an institution still struggling with its past regardless of its assumed progressive nature and Cape Town liberalism which is not very liberal at all, but rather a bunch of apartheid apologist disassociating themselves from a status quo in theory, but in practice are happy to enjoy all of its privileges. 

Simplification - yes, of course - and definitely not the full picture, but in reality this type of thinking is never too far wherever you look at in the campus. I should know this, I used to both teach and study there. But it's not about how I feel about these things - listen to Core Wreckah's account, which in the video, admittedly, is slightly disturbed by less than perfect audio quality, but the free download gives you a better idea at least.

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