23 May 2011

Representing my ends for a change

”Helsinki doesn’t get much shouted out, to hell with those trying to hush and shout it out”. It’s very true this statement by Gracias who shares my home town. His track HKI – short for this beautifully grimy yet supposedly top notch design capital of who knows what – is no longer brand new, but in my never-pausing attempt to find music to feel excited about I only came across it a few days ago after which it’s been featured on my playlist. A lot.

It’s quite telling really, that I find my home town talent last, but it is a different topic for a different post.

The song is really cool, but even more so, it’s this video that moves me with its distinct autumn feel. It gets me nearly emotional about these surroundings that are so melancholically grey – although currently beautifully green – and it represent something about my country I can identify with instead of the narrow minded bigots that have been getting all the attention lately.

So, it’s a cool track with laid back sound and a feel of the yesteryear; perhaps that infamous so called golden era of mid-nineties. Download this and other tracks from his Soundcloud and have a look at the video.

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