7 May 2011

Set reading

So many great links flying around in the internet. Especially Twitter is really great for that purpose. Earlier this week I was linking several music related links and downloads, but now I have a list of articles and videos and such I recommend to look at. These links come from different places and different people who I don’t mention here – I can’t remember them all – and some of them have just come to my news reader from blogs I’ve subscribed to. Thanks to all the initial linkers or the one’s who linked them so that I saw them.

The most I can say really is that if it’s here, I think it’s worth your while. There is not really any other thing that connects these stories. The content of the links vary from South African Hip-Hop to some of my favourite academics and progressive thinking. They are not in any specific order either. So mixed bag it may be, but a proper goodie bag nonetheless.

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