8 June 2011

Another June 8th.

Lions head

8th of June can only mean one thing. No, it can mean many things and I bet you couldn’t even guess what meaning I am attaching to it. It is the anniversary – now sixth – of this Welfare State of Mind blog. A lot has happened in six years and I’ve had fun reading some of the old things I have posted. I have grown a fair bit and lived life. It’s all good; like British rapper Genesis Elijah says in his song Reign of Fire which is currently playing a lot in my headphones “They say I’ve changed, I question why they never did the same.”

I have selected a post from each calendar year of Welfare State of Mind blog to celebrate the birthday. I may not absolutely agree with everything I have said and reading these posts I’d like to add something to almost all of them. They could use different angles – some histories have already changed and new facts have been unearthed, but that is not the point. These are snapshots of time and that is how blog works. At least this one. In six years I have navigated and negotiated my transformation from a student in his mid-twenties to thirty something father and a husband and it’s quite special to be able to look back and see the changes in my mind state throughout this period.

But here are, from the beginning to now, the selected posts 2005 - 2011

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