16 June 2011

Be Strong South Africa

I advice you to take advantage of the kindness by Driemanskap and Pioneer Unit and download this Spaza classic to be part of your collection. I know I have. Well, I do have the mixtape it’s originally from – Battle of Gugulethu – but it never hurts to have a new copy. And all this is just a moment after the same people had reuploaded a remastered version of Snakes and Fakes. Get them both and buy their full debut album Igqabhukil’ Inyongo because it’s really great.

Itsho Into, the song in question, was given for free to the people to pay respect to the youth of 1976 who said enough and marched against the use of Afrikaans as a language the teaching was conducted in their schools. This chapter in South African history is slightly unusual since the young student leaders such as Tsietsi Mashinini were not affiliated with any political groups. Mashinini died in Liberia in exile and for some reason – perhaps the one I’ve just mentioned – this day that now is called the Youth Day revolves more around Hector Petersen who was a young child the racist police killed first on 16th of June, 1976 in Soweto.

Qina Afrika! Be strong Africa!

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