30 June 2011

Deep Stories

Tonight when Spotify crashed and I was bit in a hurry to go and help with the dinner preparations the situation called for a CD. Do you still remember them? They are pretty nice, those old things. I looked at the collection that is still left and picked the brilliant Ceasefire album by Emmanuel Jal  and Abdel Gadir Salim. They are from the two Sudans and this artistic collaboration was pretty big deal at the time. I used to play this stuff on radio. Quite a bit actually. It was nice to listen to this album after a few years and it still sounds great. The problem with the pace of new music these days is that one rarely takes time to look back. I couldn't find a proper video from that album, but wanted to post something so here is Emmanuel Jal's Warchild which is the title track from his solo follow-up.

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