15 June 2011

She said NO...

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time just listening to the new POWA mixtape by South African lyricist and poet Tumi. This mixtape has a multitude of sonic references to all kinds of music which makes it very interesting and exciting, but the true power is elsewhere. The true power of this mixtape is the story told by a real person about being raped. There’s no pretty way to put it and she is brutally honest. It’s admirable really. Her name is Akona Ndungane whose blog you can read (more specifically about the story she shares on this audio) or check her updates on Twitter. But of course the message is not just about her - it's about far too many people who share her destiny. Bravely she gives it a face and refuses to be a statistic. The video above was released yesterday, but I only had time to watch it this morning and it hit me in the head harder than those girls in the video with a baseball bat could. We need to raise awareness as much as we can and as with any abuse or bigotry stand up for something. Otherwise we stand up for that what we allow to take place with our inaction and silence. 

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