25 July 2011

We Will Make It

Another music video post for today and this one is brand new and just uploaded. Cape Town’s Spaza monsters Driemanskap gained a fair amount of attention in South Africa with their last audio visual feast S’phum’eGugs even though they deserved it, at the very latest, with the video for Camagu already before that. This one is the third one from their album Igqabhukil’ Inyongo and the song is called I Will Make It

Since the album was released already some time ago, this song has been on tight rotation on my personal playlists for a long time and it’s nice to see it having a rebirth if you will in the form of this video. You can also take a look at this video uploaded nearly two and a half years ago where El Nino and Redondo are giving us an early taster of it even before the album was released. It’s all coming together and admittedly I am feeling the same excitement now, than what I felt when anticipating the album and watching these guys rehearse in this old video. 

Things are only starting, but I can safely say, they made it. Let the rest of South Africa follow.

Local music for global people

This video has already been featured in many blogs, including Africa is a Country which is where I found it, but it’s well worth linking. Gracias is a Finnish guy who was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and moved to Helsinki at a young age with his family. Some time ago I posted one of his previous videos for the track HKI and this new one is also from his freshly released EP

One detail that may not open to the non-Finnish viewers automatically is that the guy on the background on a few scenes with a blue checkered shirt on, is our Minister of Sports and Culture Paavo Arhinmäki. Actually, not only is he a government minister – yes, our minister of culture is a Hip-Hop head – he also is the leader of his party the Left Alliance and to top it all, he was the local ‘winner’ of the last general elections gaining more votes than anyone else in the nation’s capital. 

I’m currently trying to figure out to which shop must I go to buy the hardcopy of the new EP that was released last weekend and I am also slightly frustrated by the fact that I missed the free EP release gig that took place in one of the local shops. Having shown this video to a few friends, everyone’s been impressed by it, and about our city and how it has entered a new era culturally. These kinds of videos are unseen until very recently. 

Have a look at this other video also which is Gracias performing last month in Helsinki and a remix I found for his earlier track already mentioned.

18 July 2011


I don't think there's anything I can say to add anything to this. Just watch and listen and when you're done, start again.

16 July 2011

Cross-Atlantic collaboration

Radio Student

For the past thirteen years or so I have been doing radio in a few different countries. Here in Finland, then in the UK and of course South Africa. It’s been pretty nice to be able to merge myself in different station sounds and still come out sounding like I do. I must admit, I really like nothing more than doing radio whether live or prerecorded and prepackaged.

Last night was a big moment in my personal radio time line as I made my US radio debut. For a while now I have been working via internet with one of my favourite voices of talk radio Gia’na Garel who, besides being a film maker is also known as a host of Air America’s On the Real programme when it was airing a few years back. She hosted the show together with Chuck D of Public Enemy and now that Gia is producing and presenting a segment in Chuck’s magazine style show And You Don’t Stop, I have also joined her production team and I make contribution, in future together with my wife Amkelwa, to her weekly Planet Earth, Planet Rap segment. It’s a great honour, of course, to be part of Chuck D’s show, but I am also very excited to finally collaborate with Gia’na. We’ve been talking about opportunities to work together for a few years already and it was always going to happen – now it has and is happening.

Our first episode was on Brazilian Hip-Hop. We go through various countries having a look into their styles and scenes and the next one which I have just heard is going to be France.

And You Don’t Stop airs on WBAI in New York, New York on Friday evenings 8-10 pm local time and after that it’s available on www.rapstation.com. We are still working on our presence there and it’s early days, but needless to say I am massively excited about this opportunity. It promises to be very interesting and a lot of fun and basically it builds on stuff I’ve been doing for quite a few years now.

In memory of Albertina Sisulu

South African story

Earlier this year Albertina Sisuly sadly died. She was old already, of course, but she was such a legend and a great hero of South Africa and beyond. She was not just a wife of Walter Sisulu, but a freedom fighter on her own right. I saw this small documentary online some time ago, but had time to only properly view it yesterday so here it is in two parts. Have a look and learn if you didn't already know.

15 July 2011

Brand new Lowkey video 'My Soul'

Just recently I posted a lovely summer video by Looptroop Rockers. The reason it was extra sunny is that it was filmed in Cuba and what do you know, another favourite artist of mine Lowkey who currently is in Cuba, also released a music video filmed there. This video was just uploaded online so have a look. The song is called My Soul and it’s got a mixture of serious politics, call for general humanity and tireless resistance on top of a catchy hook. I wasn’t expecting anything less to be honest. The video is by GlabalFaction as per usual.


Here's a nice video clip of Public Enemy performing and Chuck D talking in Cape Town, South Africa. This gig took place when I had already moved northwards, so I was not in attendence but I did, back at the time, repost Dplanet's obseravations from the Pioneer Unit blog. I found the clip interesting and even more so, just nice, because I like PE and I lived in Cape Town, so nevermind the drink advertising - no matter what they say, it's not good for you - and just check out the clip.

14 July 2011

AKS - Another UK artist to remember

AKS "House Called Home" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

I had posted this video on my Google+ earlier this week, but there's two reasons to put it here also. First, not a lot of people that I know yet in Google+ and then, the song and video are very cool and deserve all the attention possible. 

I can't lie; when I first heard of AKS I though, who is this guy amongst these brilliant rappers in the Bad Boys remix by Swizz. Besides Swizz and AKS there was Klashnekoff, Akala, Blak Twang, Lowkey and Black the Ripper so it's understandable. But AKS more than held his own so I got a little curious about his laidback delivery, deep and very clear voice and lyrical talent. I was impressed. 

AKS is British artist of the Nigerian origin and he recently released Bus Stop EP which I've been listening to so far from the Spotify. Above is his first video from the EP. It's titled House Called Home and below is somewhat outdated, but still interesting interview clip. I guess it's not even that outdated except that there's some mention of Football World Cup of last year. But write the name down and support where you can. 

Update: AKS himself told me in Twitter that the football question didn't relate to the World cup, but was just in general based on the track House Called Home.

7 July 2011

New Looptroop Rockers video 'Magic'

If my math doesn’t fail me, the new Looptroop Rockers video Magic is already the fourth of the album Professional Dreamers. The album, all in all, is very strong and this song certainly is one of its more feel good tracks. Video was filmed on the crews visit to Cuba and it is shot beautifully; I really feel that the audio and the visuals complement each other creating a a very laid back mood. Have a look.

I like big drums and I cannot lie.

Reverb. That’s the name of the new Core Wreckah song. He’s already basically one of the standard characters of WSOM blog, but if you have missed him thus far, then let me tell you that Core is a rap artist with rough voice and sensitivity for topics covered in his lyrics. Coming from Maseru, Lesotho, he’s been pushing some of his fellow countrymen, like Isosceles, musically forward, he writes about interesting stuff and while he is also part of a band, the real question is when will there be a full solo album.

This song has got its fair share of big drums that sound as if they are actually rolling over you from the speakers. The chorus, this time, is sang by Sarah. Download the track from the audio player below or get the DJ package with the original version, radio edit and instrumental

4 July 2011


Fresh online for you to download, Beats & Rhymes mixtape by Driemanskap’s Ma-B is finally here. I am glad to see it and even more so excited to hear it. As I type this post, I see the tracks being uploaded online appearing one by one, but I thought let me start writing now so I can then have it on the blog as soon as the whole thing is there.

The first tracks sound nice. Particularly the one called interview with Dla and Mashonisa. I may write more later, but for now I am just happy to have this mixtape. Cape Town is definitely in full effect and this time I mean it in a good way. It’s a free download, but don’t let that stop you to spare a few quids, euro, dollars or whichever currency you deal with to support independent music and real African Hip-Hop.

Get it here and listen from below.

Beats & Rhymes Mixtape Cover