14 July 2011

AKS - Another UK artist to remember

AKS "House Called Home" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

I had posted this video on my Google+ earlier this week, but there's two reasons to put it here also. First, not a lot of people that I know yet in Google+ and then, the song and video are very cool and deserve all the attention possible. 

I can't lie; when I first heard of AKS I though, who is this guy amongst these brilliant rappers in the Bad Boys remix by Swizz. Besides Swizz and AKS there was Klashnekoff, Akala, Blak Twang, Lowkey and Black the Ripper so it's understandable. But AKS more than held his own so I got a little curious about his laidback delivery, deep and very clear voice and lyrical talent. I was impressed. 

AKS is British artist of the Nigerian origin and he recently released Bus Stop EP which I've been listening to so far from the Spotify. Above is his first video from the EP. It's titled House Called Home and below is somewhat outdated, but still interesting interview clip. I guess it's not even that outdated except that there's some mention of Football World Cup of last year. But write the name down and support where you can. 

Update: AKS himself told me in Twitter that the football question didn't relate to the World cup, but was just in general based on the track House Called Home.

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