16 July 2011

Cross-Atlantic collaboration

Radio Student

For the past thirteen years or so I have been doing radio in a few different countries. Here in Finland, then in the UK and of course South Africa. It’s been pretty nice to be able to merge myself in different station sounds and still come out sounding like I do. I must admit, I really like nothing more than doing radio whether live or prerecorded and prepackaged.

Last night was a big moment in my personal radio time line as I made my US radio debut. For a while now I have been working via internet with one of my favourite voices of talk radio Gia’na Garel who, besides being a film maker is also known as a host of Air America’s On the Real programme when it was airing a few years back. She hosted the show together with Chuck D of Public Enemy and now that Gia is producing and presenting a segment in Chuck’s magazine style show And You Don’t Stop, I have also joined her production team and I make contribution, in future together with my wife Amkelwa, to her weekly Planet Earth, Planet Rap segment. It’s a great honour, of course, to be part of Chuck D’s show, but I am also very excited to finally collaborate with Gia’na. We’ve been talking about opportunities to work together for a few years already and it was always going to happen – now it has and is happening.

Our first episode was on Brazilian Hip-Hop. We go through various countries having a look into their styles and scenes and the next one which I have just heard is going to be France.

And You Don’t Stop airs on WBAI in New York, New York on Friday evenings 8-10 pm local time and after that it’s available on www.rapstation.com. We are still working on our presence there and it’s early days, but needless to say I am massively excited about this opportunity. It promises to be very interesting and a lot of fun and basically it builds on stuff I’ve been doing for quite a few years now.

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Gia'na Garel said...

It is an honor and pleasure to join forces with your dynamic skills. We have been rolling since you posted this and I hope your site viewers know how hot our show has become so quickly. I hope they see our efforts in Radio You Can Watch and truly understand what we intend to bring. Thanks to you, Mik and Amkelwa, the show is amazing. Wouldn't be without you two.