7 July 2011

I like big drums and I cannot lie.

Reverb. That’s the name of the new Core Wreckah song. He’s already basically one of the standard characters of WSOM blog, but if you have missed him thus far, then let me tell you that Core is a rap artist with rough voice and sensitivity for topics covered in his lyrics. Coming from Maseru, Lesotho, he’s been pushing some of his fellow countrymen, like Isosceles, musically forward, he writes about interesting stuff and while he is also part of a band, the real question is when will there be a full solo album.

This song has got its fair share of big drums that sound as if they are actually rolling over you from the speakers. The chorus, this time, is sang by Sarah. Download the track from the audio player below or get the DJ package with the original version, radio edit and instrumental

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