25 July 2011

Local music for global people

This video has already been featured in many blogs, including Africa is a Country which is where I found it, but it’s well worth linking. Gracias is a Finnish guy who was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and moved to Helsinki at a young age with his family. Some time ago I posted one of his previous videos for the track HKI and this new one is also from his freshly released EP

One detail that may not open to the non-Finnish viewers automatically is that the guy on the background on a few scenes with a blue checkered shirt on, is our Minister of Sports and Culture Paavo Arhinmäki. Actually, not only is he a government minister – yes, our minister of culture is a Hip-Hop head – he also is the leader of his party the Left Alliance and to top it all, he was the local ‘winner’ of the last general elections gaining more votes than anyone else in the nation’s capital. 

I’m currently trying to figure out to which shop must I go to buy the hardcopy of the new EP that was released last weekend and I am also slightly frustrated by the fact that I missed the free EP release gig that took place in one of the local shops. Having shown this video to a few friends, everyone’s been impressed by it, and about our city and how it has entered a new era culturally. These kinds of videos are unseen until very recently. 

Have a look at this other video also which is Gracias performing last month in Helsinki and a remix I found for his earlier track already mentioned.

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