4 July 2011


Fresh online for you to download, Beats & Rhymes mixtape by Driemanskap’s Ma-B is finally here. I am glad to see it and even more so excited to hear it. As I type this post, I see the tracks being uploaded online appearing one by one, but I thought let me start writing now so I can then have it on the blog as soon as the whole thing is there.

The first tracks sound nice. Particularly the one called interview with Dla and Mashonisa. I may write more later, but for now I am just happy to have this mixtape. Cape Town is definitely in full effect and this time I mean it in a good way. It’s a free download, but don’t let that stop you to spare a few quids, euro, dollars or whichever currency you deal with to support independent music and real African Hip-Hop.

Get it here and listen from below.

Beats & Rhymes Mixtape Cover

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